Welcome to Louterwater Estate

Louterwater Estate,Apple mainly an apple and pear farm in the Langkloof Eastern Cape, is situated between Joubertina and Misgund on the R62. It has been owned by the Muller Family for two generations.

Louterwater Estate is one of the first farms in the Langkloof that has opened it’s doors for the public to showcase the fruit industry and the wonderful scenic wonders of nature in the region.

For tourists and business people wanting to stay over, this is the ideal place.

Whether it is swimming in the river, hiking in the mountains, fishing in die dams, or just staying over on a business trip, you are sure to be in for a very entertaining time. The farm has lovely fruit orchards where you can stroll through and for the more serious hikers the lovely Tsitsikamma Mountains engulf a large part of the farm.

Louterwater Estate not only is a healthy fruit farming industry, but it also boast a transport section, 4 log cabins in the mountains and 2 guesthouses.

Honeybush tea grows wild on the slopes of these lovely mountains.